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A friend told me about this site. My son was in Iraq, so it hits me with mixed feelings, but I appreciate the attention to the issues. They’re huge - and maybe a sick kind of humor is one way to approach it.

Good luck with it

William Darby| October 09 - 3:07:28| Selam, Mass

i’m schizophrenic, and suffered repeated psychotic episodes two years ago… i tried going with psych’s and meds, and ended up more or less a zombie.

then my friend introduced me to pot and lsd, and despite all the warnings i was given, they actually HELPED me. they didn’t hide the voices and faces, but they made them friendly and happy, and pot helps me think more clearly.

after a bit of research, i found no evidence that either drug actually triggers psychotic episodes. just another myth.

eris| December 11 - 9:12:29| sydney, australia




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