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Dead Men Don’t Cry (October 05 2010)

    Episode 9, Volume 1      view • comment


Wojo is in his third week in Afghanistan, working on his report: 'Killer Meds'. He gets the news he's returning home the next day, so sets out to find some soldiers to chat up. Then Fletch comes along ...

Blood & Poppies (September 18 2010)

    Episode 8, Volume 1      view • comment


After two weeks in Afghanistan, Wojo leaves Bagram on a night tour of the countryside. Then all hell breaks loose ...

Ambien Haze (September 07 2010)

    Episode 7, Volume 1      view • comment


Wojo, situated at Bagram Air Field (BAF), is hot to fill his notebook with the experiences of combat soldiers. At first he strikes out, and feels out of place. But soldiers Fletcher (Fletch) and Webster (Webst) take him in and show him the ropes ...

On a Jet Plane (August 25 2010)

    Episode 5, Volume 1      view • comment


Wojo's on a military flight to Afghanistan - and he immediately gets down to work. Soon he learns a lesson about the dangers of getting what you wish for...

Blood, Sweat & Tears (August 16 2010)

    Episode 4, Volume 1      view • comment


Wojo, working at his cafe and gearing up to go to Afghanistan - press-pass in hand - has a visit from his friend Chester....

Down the Rabbit Whole (August 01 2010)

    Episode 3, Volume 1      view • comment

image Henry from Episode One meets up with Wojo from Episode Two - they have a common passion: mental-health and the woes of modern psychiatry.

Olanzapine Dreams (July 26 2010)

    Episode 2, Volume 1      view • comment

image Meet Stan Wojohowitz, otherwise known as Wojo, or Woj. He's at work on his little ode to the anti-psychotic drug, Olanzapine: // She came to me sideways, in a dream // My dear O-lanzapine'...

Fly on the Wall (July 07 2010)

    Episode 1, Volume 1      view • comment

image Henry, one of our main characters in The Psychotic Episodes, is introduced here during his mandatory visit with his shrink. Join us as a fly on the wall ...


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