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Swallowed Whole
We’re Live (October 01 2010)

Wojo says... welcome to The Psychotic Episodes

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Shrink To Fit (September 02 2010)

imageReporting from Afghanistan...

How rare: A thoughtful article on drugging kids in the NY Times. But that does not mean the article won't turn your stomach - it will. And if it doesn't, well...

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Military Meds & Madness (August 31 2010)

image$125 million spent by the VA on an anti-psychotic in 2009

There were 169 confirmed suicides by military personnel in 2008, including 41 by serving marines. Many were taking several psychiatric drugs and a new report shows a sky-rocketing use of these drugs.

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Olanzapine Dreams (July 23 2010)

My Dear O-lanzapine (by Sid Wojohowitz)

She came to me sideways, in a dream

My dear O-lanzapine

When we met I was nothin, a loser, a real nutter

A full-blown schizo-phreen

And she was a beauty - a queen

Structurally similar, some say, to Clozapine ...

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(No) Wonder Drugs (July 19 2010)

"He never really came all the way home," said the mother of Orrin Gorman McClellan, an Iraq vet who committed suicide this year.

In this own journal, five years earlier, he wrote: "Have you ever felt that each word you say brings you further away from explaining yourself. Everything you create puts a sour taste in your mouth and every action you take burns you with shame."

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One in Six is Ugly! (March 02 2010)

I don't get - do you? But then again, who could be surprised. Remember Vietnam... anyone? One in six service members are now taking a psychiatric drug, or so they estimate. I've just returned from a congressional hearing on "Medication and Veteran Suicide," which has put me in a complete funk ...

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