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Our aim is to foster these rights and freedoms, as stated in the universal declaration of mental rights and freedoms. We want a healthy mental environment, not a toxic culture; we want access to the relevant information that drugtakers need to know; and we want to foster madpride, not the maltreatment of those considered mad.
This is a dialogue not a diatribe, so check out the forums below and join us in conversation.

No one lives outside the mental environment, and everyone has a story. Share yours here:

Richard DeGrandpre, Editor

Did you know that many prescription drugs barely out-perform placebos? Or that their side effects are often toxic, or worse? Or that fewer than half of those who take prescription drugs actually benefit from them? The drug industry knows this, the FDA knows it, but the public does not. Even the data provided to the FDA by drug companies seeking approval for a drug do not have to be made available to the public.

In light of this situation, our DrugTaker campaign is putting pressure on the FDA to put public health back at the forefront of prescription medicine.

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